About JGL

JGL is a pharmaceutical company whose main drivers of development are creativity and passion, openness to challenges, and belief in the future.

We have always been aware of our potential to grow and dream of evolving from a small local laboratory into an international pharmaceutical company that operates far beyond its national borders. Over the past 25 years, we have been building our international position through persistence, patience, and with great passion and energy. Today, with our 160 brands, 460 products, 1,360 variations, and 6,000 items, we are present on forty markets that constitute 75 percent of our total revenues.

From the position of an international pharmaceutical company whose business standards are in line with the European practice, we believe we can do even more, that we can compete on the global healthcare market. We know that the road to success is built on teamwork, clearly defined objectives, persistence, and a strong motivation to thrive.

The vision that inspires and guides us is described in our statement: we wish to be the leading international company in the production and development of medications for sensory organs, as well as the global leader in the exploitation of the medicinal properties of sea water. This requires an exceptional technological and therapeutic focus on this niche of medicinal products.

Our aspiration to be one of the leaders drives us to continue improving all business processes regarding rational energy consumption, better working conditions for our employees, and environmentally-friendly policies.

We continually review our managerial policies and procedures, with the objective of making strategic decisions that result in business success and progress. Our goal is to use excellence to exceed expectations and to ensure satisfaction by creating verified, efficient, innovative, modern and adapted solutions for the most complex needs.

We look to the future with optimism and vision, ready for new challenges. As a company, and as individuals, we are focused on the provision of well-being, safety and health of the environment and the society in general. By including and providing support to the community, we help to ensure its prosperity.


Ivo Usmiani

President of the Board of Directors