About “Pharma Valley”

By following the trends in the pharmaceutical industry, JGL is continuously trying to improve the existing state, having in mind the framework consisting of standards, very strict and demanding rules of good manufacturing practice, that regulate pharmaceutical production.

Thanks to “Pharma Valley”, the new facility that opened in July 2015, JGL is ranked among the leading manufacturers of sterile pharmaceutical forms (drops, sprays and BoV) in the European Union. The total value of the Svilno investment, located in Rijeka's hinterland, amounts to EUR 48 million.

The Pharma Valley production site covers 99,050 m2 and comprises two plants which are connected with an internal road:

  • Svilno 1 with production facilities, laboratories, a packaging storage facility, and supporting facilities covering 13,800 square metres;
  • the new plant Svilno 2 covering 79,000 square metres and comprising 20,500 m2 of the constructed area, of which 13,000 m2 belongs to the main building, a brand new power plant covers 300 m2, there is a 900 m3 water tank, and the existing facilities that have been fully renovated cover 5,000 m2.

Some further highlights of the new production site Svilno 2 are:

  • Bag - on - Valve (BoV)
  • production of sterile forms;
  • flexibility of the packaging process;
  • equipment provided by European suppliers;
  • automatic warehouse with a rack system and satellite for products and packaging material;
  • fully automated processes with in-line control.

The project has increased JGL's production capacity by 45 million product units, so they now amount to a total of 104 million product units. This will ensure JGL's growth for a minimum of the next ten years.


EUR 48,000,000 - the value of investment
31,000 work hours - spent in total by internal resources
2 years - total duration of project realisation
99,000 m² - total surface area of the "Pharma Valley" complex
20,000 m² - surroundings
20,500 m² - total surface area of closed facilities
13,000 m² - main building
5,000 m² - renovated existing facilities
2,400 m² - production halls
2,400 m² - automatic robotised high-rack storage facility
1,100 m² - storage facility for raw materials and semi-finished products
2,100 m² - offices
900 m² - water reservoir
300 m² - power plant
104,000,000 product units - total capacity of production facilities
29,000,000 product units - capacity of sterile drops
28,700,000 product units - sterile sprays
13,000,000 product units - capacity of tablets and capsules
11,000,000 product units - semi-solid forms
6,900,000 product units, with the possibility of expansion to 17,800,000 units - BoV
4,000,000 product units - non-sterile solutions