• Ability to produce small and large scale batches, including pilot batches in GMP approved facilities. Convenient scale-up.
  • Openness toward production process/technology transfers and expansion of current manufacturing capabilities. Includes: investments, the implementation of quality standards, practise and training
  • Project management: adjustments to individual project and customer needs, a special team of experts at disposal, MS Project Office as a supportive tool 


  • Advanced technology platform, highly automated production lines
  • Completely adapted to the pharmaceutical industry in terms of accuracy, capability and in-line control mechanisms 
  • Advanced computer and software support 
  • Fully trained and experienced staff

Custom packaging

  • Flexibility in the quantity of commercial product supply, as well as in production scheduling
  • Providing customers with a wide range of packaging presentations and formats for all product forms
  • Special packaging activities; re-packing, re-labelling, special labelling and printing, multi-packs, adding various elements in automated or semi-automated processes
  • Performing manual activities upon requirement