R&D services

Pre-formulation research / Formulation development / Complete formulation analysis for different formulations / Pharmaceutical forms

Our technology and analytical laboratories are equipped with all the infrastructure needed for the development of different pharmaceutical products. Test methods and instrumentation used for quality and/or stability testing, as well as formulation equipment, follow R&D rules that comply with GMP and GLP guidelines in order to achieve a simple goal: ensuring timely registration procedures all over the world. Our R&D team is dedicated to finding and creating solutions that can lead your company to that goal.

New development

Based on our actual technological platform and JGL’s vision of technological future, R&D is focused on sterile products development (eye drops, spray solutions), as well as on the development and support of other pharmaceutical forms: semisolids, solid oral forms, topical solutions and others.

Our mission is to deliver a new drug formulation and manufacturing process within the project timelines, followed by all the relevant regulatory and quality data in the form of EU CTD or other needed form of documentation.

Technology transfer

Together with JGL Production, JGL R&D provides technology transfer for all co-development or/and co-manufacture formulations and manufacturing processes. 

The validation of technology transfer guarantees success in each successive batch of a new product.